Constitution of an Association

Associations must have and be bound by a set of rules that is often referred to as "the constitution" which impose a minimum standard of control on an Association activities.

These rules may also be known by the term "Memorandum and Articles of Association".

These rules generally cover:

Name, objects and powers
Classes of Membership
Acceptance, Rejection and Termination of Membership
Composition of The Management Committee
Duties of Office Bearers
Meetings of the Management Committee
Powers of the Management Committee
General Meetings
Annual General Meetings
Financial Management of the Association

An Association can write its own rules, if it so wishes, but the rules have to comply with legislative provision governing Associations.

Instead of writing rules, most newly formed Associations adopt a standardised set of rules also known as "The Model Rules". The standardised rules is usually provided by the relative government agency which administers the legislation governing Associations.

Download example Model Rules

Adopting the Model Rules is much easier than writing your own rules. Generally, all that is necessary is to insert the name of the Association and the Objects of the Association into the Model Rules (see the first page of Model Rules below).

snapshot of an association constitution

As an example of how the "Constitution" controls an Association's, there are rules that force the association to conduct an Annual General Meeting once per year, to conduct monthly meetings of the management committee and for the election of office bearers (President,




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