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Immediate Download of Answers

Answers to budgeting exercises are not individually purchased but are available for immediate download as a complete set in a ZIP file.

If a ZIP file is not convenient for you, please email teacher@leoisaac.com after making payment and I will send answers as separate attachments to emails as soon as I can.

Type of Files in Download

The complete set of budgeting answers includes professionally produced documents in Portable Document Format (.PDF) for all exercises plus a complete Microsoft Excel workbook file for all exercises except exercises 1 and 2.

High Quality Printouts

All Microsoft Excel workbook files have been formatted for professional presentation and each worksheet will produce a high quality printout of the recommended answer complete with headers and footers.

Cost of Purchase

For AUS $6 (6 Australian Dollars) you will receive one ZIP file that contains the complete set of 15 answers. If you are concerned that you may not be able to unzip the file, please continue with your purchase but then email me and I will send you the answers as attachments to an email.

How to Purchase

To begin your purchase, please click on the "Add to Cart" button below. The easiest way is to use PayPal. If you prefer to another method of payment, please email teacher@leoisaac.com

In Case of Difficulty

If you have any difficulty with the exercises or with the amswers, I would be pleased to assist. Please email teacher@leoisaac.com

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