Typical Newsletter Content

Sport and recreation organisations need to be in the business of communicating information to members, participants, spectators, the public, government, sponsors and other stakeholders. A newsletter is a standard strategy for accomplishing this.

Typical newsletter content includes:

Information about Programs and Services

Basic Information about the organisation, what organisation has to offer in terms of events, services, activities and facilities.


Communication and explanation of policies is critically important otherwise policies do not work.

What's Happening

Important events, including social events, special occasions, important visitors.


Summary of strategic plans addopted.

Recognising Individuals

Recognition of individuals for their achievement, dedication and/or work, mentioning awards and prizes given, showing pride in team and organisation achievements


Announcing sponsors, thanking sponsors, advertising sponsor's products or services, keeping sponsors involved.


Notifying members of dates and times of Annual General Meetings, Special General Meetings or Information Nights and publishing decisions made in meetings.

Results and Rankings

Publication of results, rankings, records, competition entry lists and other data about events.

News and Gossip

Births, marriages, deaths, congratulations on new positions, funny stories about people in the organisation.



Event operations manual
Software for Treasurers
how to create a financial model