Recommendations are not always a required feature when writing a report.

However, in circumstances where Recommendations do appear in a report, they have paramount importance.

Recommendations are given when a report provides information about the result of an investigation, research and /or inquiry. A matter is investigated because there is a problem or issue.

The Recommendations state what is recommended to correct the problem or issue.

Recommendations are usually numbered.

A report that provides information on risks associated with computers in a business, may provide recommendations on how to control these risks.

For example, the report might contain recommendations as follows:

The information Technology Manager should ensure that all computers have anti-virus software installed.
All users of computers should ensure that files containing sensitive or confidential information are password protected.
All users of computers should ensure that user data is backed up on a monthly basis.

Recommendations should be written using complete sentences that state what must be done, and who should do it. See following example.

Avoid writing recommendations that state what must be done but fail to mention who must do the doing!


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