How to write acknowledgments

It is common to find a small section titled "Acknowledgments" at the beginning of any book. You may also find this same section in research reports, academic writings and other lengthy documentation in cases where the author has benefited from the assistance of other people.

The purpose of the "Acknowledgments" section is for the author to formally thank anyone or any organisation that has provided assistance in the research or the writing of the document.

Take a look at some reports with an acknowledgment section:

Sample 1

Here is a simple "Acknowledgments" section.


The author is grateful for constructive comments and suggestions from Brisbane Health Executive Officer Brian King and from the expert review panel which included a journalist, a clinical obesity specialist, a health promotion professional and a nutritionist. Thanks to Kerry Stubbings at SRAH for layout and Julie Weeson for proof reading. Thanks also to the Australian Health News Research Collaboration at the University of Sydney.

Sample 2

A more complex "Acknowledgments" section can be found in the following report

"Global Environment Outlook 4"

Look at page 4


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