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Event Management Activity 12: Prepare an Event Brochure

This activity is a challenge in creating a 3-fold flier / brochure for an event.

Sample Flier

Click on the following graphic to download a completed flier in PDF format.

Brochure Thumbail

Your task is to create the brochure that you have downloaded using Microsoft Word.

On this page you have access to template of a 3-fold flier in Microsoft Word, and some image files that you will need to compete the task.

Template for Event Flier

Download a template in MS Word for creating the flier. The template will give you a head start by creating a three-column brochure.

Image files for Event Flier

Here, below, are your image files. Right-click on them and save ('Save As') to your computer.

Image File 1: Logo for Black Stump Classic Invitational Golf Tournament

Logo of Black Stump Classic Invitational Golf Tournament

Image File 2: Logo of Charity supported by the tournament (the Fred Hollows Foundation)

Fred Hollows Foundation

Image File 3: Picture (JPG format) of Golf Fairway.

Golf Fairway

Image File 4: Golfer on Green



Tips on Creating your flier

  1. Photos may have to be cropped top and/or bottom to mimic the example flier.
  2. The easiest way to create a dotted line as seen on the left top corner of the brochure is to set a tab and give it a dotted leader. If you don't know how to set and use Tabs, try a Google search or the help menu of Microsoft Word.
  3. The small boxes at the top of the middle column were created by clicking on "Insert" in the MS Word Menu and then clicking on "Symbol" (i.e. insert symbol).
  4. You do not have to create the page border as the template already has this. However if you are interested to know how this is done, just Google "page border" or use the MS Word help menu.

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