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Event Management Activity 14: Draw a venue site map

For any sporting venue with which you are familiar, draw a site map that depicts the following. The venue may be indoor or outdoor.

  1. Perimeter of the venue
    1. This is the fence line or boundary of the venue
    2. Even indoor venues will have a boundary
  2. The area where the participants will compete
    1. This is an area within the venue
    2. If the event is indoors, this area may be a room or hall, or part of a room or hall
    3. If the event is outdoors, this area may be a field or pitch, or part of a field or pitch
  3. Any notable features of the venue
    1. If it is an indoor venue, notable features will be rooms or important facilities within the building
    2. If it is an outdoor venue, notable features may be buildings, temporary structures such as tents, spectators seating, paths, shaded areas
  4. Barriers or "no go area" between performers and spectators
    1. Show the existence of any preventative measure to keep performers and spectators apart, if it exists.
    2. A rope or a fence is an example of a barrier
  5. Normal entry/exit ways for crowds
  6. Emergency entry/exit ways for crowds
  7. Entry/exit ways for emergency services vehicles
  8. Position of first aid stations
  9. Position of emergency equipment
  10. Position of control stations e.g. where officials are
  11. Areas of greater risk for spectators (hazards) (see spectator safety checklist)

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