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Human Resources in Event Management

Managing the Event Team

Event Directors, even in relatively modest events, are human resource managers. This function of of the Event Director requires:

The event director is a jugglerThe above human resource management tasks are most important as the success of the event very much depends on how the members of the event team perform. Such tasks will need to be carried out from the moment the planning phase begins right up to the end of the event, and sometimes longer.

An event may requires many hundreds of people to be involved on a full-time, part-time, contractor, casual and voluntary basis. The table below indicates the magnitude and diversity of the work-force for a major tennis tournament.

Major Tennis Tournament Personnel

The Organising Committee
Administration Clerks Media
Announcers Medical Team
Caterers Merchandisers
Cleaners Parking attendants
Court Managers Police
Dignitaries Referee
Electronic Equipment Technician Security Officers
Groundsmen Sponsor Representatives
Interpreters Ticket Collectors
Linesmen Umpires
Marketing and Promotion Team Ushers

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