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Working in events

Working in events can be a very worthwhile, exciting and challenging career but it rather depends on the type of event that becomes your regular work.

At the more interesting end of the spectrum, working in events presents the opportunity to:

In some types of event management work, there may be travelling involved. Event management companies will bid for events interstate and abroad.

Working in events will give you the opportunity to add important skills to your resume, and if you advertise your resume on social media such as LinkedIn, there is a chance you will get job offers.

Some of the important skills, knowledge and experience that you may be able to add to your resume are:

The above skills will stand you in good stead with jobs in Project Management.

There are, however, some negatives:

Typical Tasks in Working in Events

The actual day-to-day tasks that a person would undertake in event management would depend much on the level of their responsibility.

At lowever levels of responsibility, your tasks might be:

At higher levels of responsibility tasks associated with working in events include:

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