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Putting on Special Events

Such as requests from parent bodies, impact of national sponsorships and new sources of government funding Objectives such as increasing media profile, recruiting more members and gaining more sponsorship funds Issues such as falling participation level; dissatisfaction with events Why bother?

Faced with meagre human and financial resources, it is not easy for sport and recreation organisations to create and successfully conduct special events. Volunteers have limited time and are easily burned out by the extra work that special events require. As a result, there is a tendency for organisations to move only slowly in the creation and/or improvement of special events.

A special event is an event which is larger, more important, more complex than normally held by the organisation. For example, a special event might be when a sporting club holds a state or regional championship.

But every few years, there does come a time when an opportunity to stage a special event arises, and it's just too good to miss.

Although there is much work involved, special events provide significant benefits. Special events are an opportunity to:

Special events are a catalyst for improvement in the organsiation and help to focus the efforts of organisation personnel to achieve medium and long-term goals.

There is often a greater sense of satisfaction, achievement and pride within the organisation as a result of successfully staging a special event.

Making events special

There are a number of key strategies to take to ensure that your special event is indeed special:

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