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Using task checklists for events

The use of task checklists is a highly recommended control measure in event management. Without the use of task checklists it is almost a certainty that something important will be forgotten by some member of the event team of staff and volunteers. In reality, there are so many opportunities for tasks to be left underdone, vital equipment to be forgotten on the day and/or failures of communication that the development of task checklist is absolutely necessary.

A checklist may be developed by:

The purpose of the checklist is to minimise the risk of any task being overlooked. As a task is completed, the tick box can be marked and the date inserted. This then becomes a simple means for event staff and volunteers to report back to Event Director, who should check and keep all such reports as a key management tool.

The development of any checklists adds to the long term assets of the organisation. It can be amended and used over and over again.

The following link provides a checklist in Microsoft Word format that you can download, edit and use at your own discretion provided you do not remove the name of author in bottom left corner.

download sample checklist for event staff and volunteers

Download sample checklist for events staff and volunteers

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