What is a Job Description?

By Leo Isaac, 2010

A job description is a key element in the process of recruiting and managing the human resources of an organisation.

A job description has many purposes:

  • Helps people to understand jobs within the organisations
  • Helps the organisation management to find the right person for the job
  • Provides objectives and guidance for people who take on jobs
  • Useful in advertising vacant jobs
  • Ensures some consistency in performance of people who take on a job

Ideally an organisation should have job descriptions for volunteers and paid staff.

Position descriptions for a voluntary jobs do not need to be as complex as for paid staff, but they are still needed.

Typical sections of a job description include:

  • The type of employment i,e, full-time, part-time, casual
  • Organisation relationships, including who the holder of the job reports to, and whether the holder of the job has any responsibility for supervising/managing staff.
  • The purpose of the job within the organisation. This section may state the most important objectives of the job
  • Key duties of the job. In this section, the job description sets out e more lengthy account of the regular tasks that the incumbent of the job will undertake
  • Key selection criteria, this is the criteria against which any applicants for the job will be assessed.
illustration of a job description

Job Description Examples


Club Manager

Junior Coaching Director

Junior Coordinator

Canteen Coordinator

Assistant Secretary



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