Key Selection Criteria

Helping the job applicant

Key Selection Criteria (KSC) play a very important part in the process of recruiting a person to fill a job vacancy. Usually the writer of a Job Description will include a section in which 5 or 6 Key Selection Criteria are stated. When the job is advertised, persons interested in the job will access the Job Description and by looking at the Key Selection Criteria will form a view as to whether their skills and experience fit the job on offer.

Helping the selection panel

The Key Selection Criteria also assist the selector or selection panel responsible for selecting a person to fill the job vacancy. Generally, the applicant for the job will be asked one question for each KSC by the selector(s) to probe for knowledge, experience and skills that may be relevant. The applicant usually has 5-10 minutes to respond to each question and put their case.

Examples of Key Selection Criteria

The following Key Selection Criteria were taken from a range of sport and recreation job descriptions. They are not in any order of relevance.

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