How to interview well for sport jobs

By Leo Isaac, January 2012

Prepare for interview questions

If you are interviewed for a job in sports administration, you should contemplate questions such as:

  1. How would you deal with a situation in which a club member approaches you, criticises the club and complains about the poor management of an event the club is running. (Beware the hypothetical question! You are likely to get at least one in an interview)
  2. Give an example of when and where you have given a presentation or talk to a group of people. (You need to show strong communication skills)
  3. What experience do you have in developing sponsorship plans and programs. (All sport clubs want more sponsorship money)
  4. What is your understanding of how the privacy laws would relate to a sport and recreation organisation? (It is handy to know some basic law principles and concepts in any administration job - do some study)
  5. How would you go about communicating with large numbers of people using the membership database. (It would be really useful to be able to demonstrate computer literacy, for example to be able to "Mail Merge")
  6. What experience do you have as a volunteer or working with volunteers? (As a sports administrator you need to be able to win over more people to assist the organisation as volunteers)
  7. Do you have any problems working on weekends or evenings?
  8. What is your knowledge about the structure of the sport in Australia?

Body Language

When being interviewed try to avoid a variety of “distracting” mannerisms such as:

Interviewers will make judgements about your personality based on your body language.

What you should do is:

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