Addressing selection criteria

Unless you are well practised, addressing selection criteria like the one below can be a daunting task. However there is a good technique that you can easily adopt.

Here is the sample selection criterion.

Demonstrated communication, consultation, project management, negotiation, liaison and creative problem solving skills and ability to develop or assist in developing policy and providing advice.

Here is one way you could present an answer that would demonstrate that have addressed all the components of the criteria and at the same time presented the reviewer of your application with an easy job. They will appreciate this and reward you for your efforts!

Separate the elements of the selection criterion and make a table as shown below. Then for each element, write the best statement that you can for each . Your statements, which may be just 1-2 sentences long, should describe your experiences in the workplace, or at school/university, or in other aspects of your life e.g. at your sporting club.





Project management






Creative problem solving


Developing policy


You will find that Position Descriptions often have only 5 key selection criteria but employers often try to cram, unreasonably, as much as they can into each criteria. If you can show some ingenuity in the way that you address selection criteria, you may win some extra points and get that interview!

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