Political Ideology and Industrial Conflict

People see Industrial Conflict differently according to their political, sociological and philosophical viewpoints.

socialist, capitalist and communist perspectives

The socialist is a person who is imbued with the idea that humanity is in the control of a wealthy minority that uses its wealth not for the benefit of mankind but to further its own narrow interests. Socialism is about believing in systems that will ensure equality among individuals. The socialist welcomes governmental involvement in setting laws that promote equality and limit the power and influence of the wealthy.

The capitalist is a person who sees the private ownership of wealth as a right of every individual. The capitalist disapproves of any restrictions by government on an individual's rights to exercise free will and develop wealth. The capitalist views inequality among individuals as a natural consequence of the variability of human skills and intelligence. The capitalist is often accused of exploiting those who have less i.e. less wealth, less ability, less power. Read more here

The communist view of the world is that there should be an abolition of the classes i.e. working class, middle class, upper class. Therefore there should not be a class of people that have more power and influence over others. As long as any class of people exert power, there will be oppression. The communist sees capitalists as oppressors of working people. Read more here

These political ideologies have a bearing on how people perceive industrial conflict.

The socialist sees industrial conflict as necessary to ensure social justice, and as a mechanism by which the worker bargains for better wages and conditions.

The communist sees industrial conflict as part of the process of bringing down the capitalist oppressors.

The capitalist sees industrial conflict an inevitable process by which workers bargain for better wages and conditions, but increases in wages and conditions must be resisted so that profit is maximised.

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