Conflict Management in Sport Organisations

In sport organisations, large and small, conflict is commonplace. It typically occurs as a result of:

Money is often a trigger for conflict. There is much less to argue about when there is no money at stake. But if there are dollars to be spent, and people perceive that there has been bias in the allocation of money, then one can expect some measure of conflict.

Furthermore, the passion that people have for their sport, tends to heighten the extent of conflict. People so look forward to their sport activities that emotions are bound to run high if anyone or anything spoils their enjoyment. Emotions also run high when people perceive that children have been disadvantaged, especially their own children.

Conflict between individuals, or groups of individuals, can have significant effect on the organisation including:

Strategies for dealing with conflict

It is important that committee personnel and organisation managers have the skills to effectively deal with the inevitable occurrence of conflict when it arises. This maybe difficult when the source of the conflict may be themselves.

They should:

Talking face-to-face

It is nearly always the best policy for solving conflict to arrange a face-to-face meeting between parties to the conflict.

For such a meeting to be effective it should:

In regard to communication between the parties, it is important to consider:




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