Who is Leo Isaac?

Leo Isaac's career in sports management spans 30 years during which he has accrued experience as an elite athlete, coach, coaching director, coach educator, sports administrator and teacher of sports administration. He has served as a sports administrator in both a professional and voluntary role and his involvement in sport includes Association Football, Cricket, Weightlifting, Orienteering, Youth Clubs and University Sport Clubs.

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Leo has a deep interest in the problems and issues that beset people who serve in a voluntary capacity on Board and Committees. Part of the reason why this website exists is to help people who are faced with a steep learning curve when they find themselves elected to a Board or Committee. The issues faced include the unpaid workload, the technical knowledge needed, working with others on the committee and the never-ending array of issues that must be solved.

Leo's main sport is weightlifting in which he achieved some international success. He competed for Great Britain from 1977 - 1982 where after he competed for Australia until retirement from the sport in 1986. His life time best lifts are 132.5Kg in the Snatch and 180.5Kg in the Clean and Jerk. These lifts were accomplished in the 75Kg bodyweight category.

After 13 years as a lecturer in sports management in Brisbane, Leo retired and lives in Tasmania in scenic splendour. He continues to run this site.

If you have any suggestions or comments please contact Leo on teacher@leoisaac.com

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