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Introduction to Operational Planning

Resources for Operational Planning

On these pages, you will find a collection of resources to assist you with your operational planning including 25 pages of advice, a process diagram, sample pages, a template for Operational Planning and a template for developing a budget.

You can access resources by using the menu on the left, or by following links on pages. If you are unfamiliar with the nature of the Operational Planning, you should visit "Purpose of the Operational Plan".

Overview of Planning Process

The Operational Plan is the next step in the business planning process after the Strategic Plan has been formed. The strategies identified in the Strategic Plan become the start point for the Operational Plan. In reality, a Strategic Plan has limited value unless an Operational Plan follows. It is the Operational Plan that ensures that things get done.

You can download a process map for Operational Planning here.

The Operational Planning process should involve the planners in active consultation with those staff and volunteers that will be key drivers of the plan. This consultation determines many important factors such as timelines for getting things done, whether the budget is realistic and, of course, who will take responsibility for each strategy/task.

You can get a basic idea of the information you will need to insert into an Operational Plan by downloading a sample page here.


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