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Calendar of Events

Importance of the Calendar of Events

operational plan components Consultation as an aspect of Operational Planning Operational plans must contain budgetary information Calendar of Events as an aspect of Operational Planning Training plans as a key aspect of operational planning Facilty Use Schedules is an aspect of Operational Planning Maintenance Scheduling is an aspect of Operational Planning The organisation of events is a principal function of any recreation organisation. The calendar of events is a primary part of the Operational Plan for all recreation organisations. It is a simple document that simply lists in date order the events to be conducted by the organisation. The calendar may also include events conducted by other organisations if they are of special interest.

Types of events on the calendar might include:

Careful date selection is required

Despite the simplicity of the document, putting together the calendar of events can be a complex task that requires considerable consultation with numerous parties. If a date selected for an important event clashes with public holidays and/or other major public events or simply at the wrong time of the year, the event can be a disaster.

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