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Training for Coaches, Officials and Volunteers

operational plan components Consultation as an aspect of Operational Planning Operational plans must contain budgetary information Calendar of Events as an aspect of Operational Planning Training plans as a key aspect of operational planning Facilty Use Schedules is an aspect of Operational Planning Maintenance Scheduling is an aspect of Operational Planning A training plan may be as simple as a list of courses provided for organisation personnel for their professional development. Such courses might include:

It should always be considered that the overwhelming majority of sport organisations are staffed by volunteers. As such, the provision of training, free of charge or very low cost, is an important means to reward volunteers.

An example training plan can be found by click on the link below.

Sample Training Plan

Download Sample Training Plan in Word Format

Budgeting for Training of Volunteers

The provision of training to volunteers is another cost that should be budgeted. A failure to provide training has an impact on the quality of sport programs, club management and goodwill aqccorded to the organisation.

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