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Mission of the Organisation

Any organisation, profit or non-profit should have a Mission Statement.

A mission statement is an attempt to capture the fundamental purpose of the organisation in a brief statement. One or two sentences is all that is required with a maximum of 25 words overall.

This brief statement is often displayed on the organisation' annual reports, promotional documents, websites, business cards, letterheads and other stationery.

The purpose of creating a mission statement and then to prominently displayed it is to convey is to instill a sense of value to both the public and the organisation staff. The mission statement describes what the organisation is about.

For managers and those involved in strategic planning, it is absolutely essential to know and understand the organisation's MISSION. It is the principle that underpins all activities and tasks carried out by the organisation's managers, employees, volunteers, members and any other participants.

It is up to the organisation to decide its mission and this usually occurs at the inception of the organisation. However, as organisations often exist over long periods of time, there is sometimes a need to review and change the mission statement to reflect a new environment stakeholders.

Here some examples from the sport and recreation industry:

Examples of a Mission Statement

Australian Touch Football:

To lead Touch Football and develop our dynamic sport to the position of Australia’s leading community sport.

Australian Cricket Board:

To defend and promote the values of the great game of cricket, ensure that Australian teams excel on the field, and be a formidable and successful competitor in the sport and entertainment industries.

Australian Rugby Union

The Mission of the Australian Rugby Union Limited is to manage, serve, and promote the game of Rugby globally, at all levels of play; to assist member teams and participants in their various forms of involvement with The Game; to adhere to all the laws of The Game; and to encourage and facilitate the involvement of as many people as possible in Rugby activities.

Victorian Country Football League

To develop, foster, coordinate and sustain Australian Football at the club and league level throughout country Victoria.

Surfing Australia:

Surfing Australia, as the national controlling board of surfing in Australia

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