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types of information for strategic planningTo effectively undertake the strategic planning process, planners must gather and analyse quantities of information from a variety of sources as indicated by the figure to the right.

The process of gathering information should not be seen as occurring only during a few months of the year but instead organisations tend to gather information continuously.

Organisations need to determine whether there are impending problems and issues that may effect their ability to prosper or survive in the sport and recreation marketplace. For example recreation organisations that regularly receive government funding need to be aware of any impending changes in funding policy.

The table below provides further examples of how information is needed and used in the strategic planning purpose to ensure that the organisation survives and prospers.

Industry Data Information about change, trends and growth in the recreation industry may assist the recreation enterprise to understand better how to compete in the sport and recreation marketplace.
The enterprise's own database should provide important trend data on customers, members and/or participants in events, programs and activities conducted by the enterprise.
Customer Surveys Customer surveys may provide an insight into satisfaction levels and highlight services and activities that can be improved.
Sponsors Sponsors may provide information on their intention to continue sponsorship and whether events can be improved for marketing purposes.
Social Trend Data Data on social trends such as they way people work and spend their leisure may influence how recreation organisations choose to offer their products and services
Benchmarking Benchmarking (investigating other similar businesses or organisations) may provide information on "Best Practice" management
Demographic Data Data provided by the Australian Bureau of Statistics can provide information as to shifts in local populations with respect to age, employment, ethnic background and other factors that may be important in determining where to locate a facility or a business.
Government Recreation organisations that regularly receive government funding need to be aware of any impending changes in funding policy.

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