Activity 1: Write a policy on driving

For your first activity on policy writing, try writing your very own personal policy for driving in 50 words or less. In other words write one or two sentences on how you believe you should drive a vehicle on a public road.

What you need to do to get started is to write down a few points that you consider important when driving a car. For example, you might wish to say something about one or more of the following points in your Driving Policy:

It is not necessary that you mention all the above points. Furthermore, there may be something that is not in the list that you wish to mention.

You can start by saying "I believe . . ." or "My driving policy is . . .".

Just try to keep it short (50 words or less). It does not need to be highly structure or conforming to any rules of policy writing.

When you have done this ask someone else you know well to state their driving policy and make some comparisons between your policy and theirs.

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