Who are the policy makers?

Organisational policy makers i.e. Board of Directors, Management Committee, Executives, must go about the process of policy formation in a careful way. Policy makers must engage, and be seen to engage, in the process of consultation. A charge of 'failing to consult' is a charge of considerable magnitude. Whilst much information can be gleaned by listening to people, there is also often a need to conduct research i.e. statistical surveys, monitor events, etc.

The role of the policy maker is act as a funnel to gather information through consultation and research and to reduce and extract from the information, a policy or a set of policies which serve to promote what is the preferred course of action.

Some of the skills that policy makers need to ensure the development of effective policies are:

Your success in policy development will depend to some extent on your ability to research examples of policy and to discuss policy issues with numerous other people. Good policies stem from wide consultation and in depth discussion.

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