Improving Sport Services

An important task of the sport manager is to ensure that services delivered by the organisation meet the needs and expectations of members and/or customers.

There is a constant stimulus for the improvement of sport service delivery as a result of:

Strategies to improve services

Sport organisations, especially at the grass roots level, do not usually have a significant surplus of funds to invest in improving services. As a result, improvement in service delivery can be frustratingly slow. Under these circumstances, strategies to improve services need to rely more on the input of voluntary labour and less on financial outlay.

The following strategies to improve services are generally feasible and effective in limited funding situations:

One of the biggest issues in developing services is the turnover of committee members. It takes many months, if not a whole year, for a new committee member to become accustomed to the organisation's strengths and weaknesses. For this reason, the development of learning materials for committee members is well worth consideration.


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