Injury risk in sport participation

What is a risk in sport?

The following is an example of accidents that sport administrators would have nightmares about. Unfortunately they have all happened.

These types of risk are extremely rare but when they do occur there have a profound affect on everyone involved. Such headline cases tend to lead to major investigations and exhaustive efforts by all involved to put measures in place to lessen the likelihood of future tragic accidents.

For every death in sport, however,there are countless thousands of people who suffer injuries of a lesser nature in the course of sport participation. Sports administrators must give due consideration to all risks that competitors, spectators and officials face in sport participation. Even minor accidents, if they happen frequently enough, will cause complaints, loss of membership and claims for compensation if negligence is suspected. Therefore sports administrators have to be concerned with everyday sport injuries as well as the nightmare scenarios listed above.

Risk Management in Sport

Developing and implementing risk management strategy is one of the most important tasks of the Sports Administrator. In some cases this task maybe just a matter of following on from the good work done by previous administrators while in other cases the work has to start from scratch.

The following is a list of common strategies that should be present in any risk management program:


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