Cleaning the rubbish on your computer

Over time, your computer will accumulate a significant amount of "rubbish" that serves no purpose and possible affects the performance of your computer. This rubbish includes:

Most computer users only take action when something goes wrong. However, everyone knows that preventative maintenance is the way to go. Here is a quick overview of what you should do.

Programs, Unwanted or Accidentally Installed

All over the internet there web pages touting the use of software that purports to clean your computer of rubbish e.g. registrary errors, spyware, viruses, etc. Computer users are persuaded or fooled to install such software and it is not uncommon for a computer to have 3 or more. It is better to avoid installing any such software and instead to have one reputable system such as Norton 360. Other types of unwanted/unuseful software include games, uninstallers, web search, toolbars for your browser, and more.

Generally most of this software can be easily uninstalled.

route to finding how to uninstall software

You will need to go into the Control Panel and then find "Programs and Features" (Window 7) and then look down the list of software. Be careful you identify the right software to uninstall. If you right-click on the software, you will see "Uninstall". Select this and follow the prompts.

Cleaning the Recycle Bin and Temporary Internet Files

Disk Cleanup is a standard Windows utility that assists you free up space on your hard disk. Disk Cleanup removes temporary Internet files, removing installed components and programs that you no longer use, and emptying the Recycle Bin.

Go to your Windows "Start" button in bottom left corner, then click as follows:

How to find Disk Cleanup

Step 1

The Disk Cleanup utility software will take several minutes to work out what files can be deleted. Sometimes Disk Cleanup may take a long time. Do not be perturbed but just work it out.

Disk Cleanup step 1

Step 2

When Disk Cleanup has finished working out what files it can delete, it will report back to you as in the following illustration. Generally you should simple accept the advice given i.e. you don't need to change which boxes are ticked.

Disk Cleanup step 2

Step 3

When you click on OK, Disk Cleanup will ask "are you sure..."

You should click on Yes

Disk cleanup disk 3

Step 4

Disk Cleanup will then begin the cleaning process and this may take a few minutes,

Disk cleanup setp 4


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