Tutorial 7: Move a Row or Column

The following video tutorial shows how to move a row up or down, or move a column to the left or right in an Excel Spreadsheet. This is a needed skill when it becomes necessary to change the order of rows or columns.

Excel video tutorial 7: Move a row or columnThe video will demonstrate the necessity to use your mouse and your keyboard to accomplish this skill. Specifically the procedure involves:

  1. Select the ROW or COLUMN you want to move
  2. Hold down the SHIFT key on your keyboard (and keep it down)
  3. Click on the border of the selected row or column with your LEFT MOUSE BUTTON an keep this mouse button down
  4. Drag the ROW or COLUMN to your preferred new location
  5. Let go of your LEFT MOUSE BUTTON
  6. Let go of your SHIFT key

It is a fairly simple skill when you get used to it but the order of the procedure must be exact.


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