Tutorial 8: Using Autofill

AUTOFILL is a very important and powerful feature of Microsoft Excel, and one you must learn. This feature makes creating and working with spreadsheets much easier, quicker and MORE FUN.

Excel Video Tutorial 8: Using AutofillAutofill is basically an advanced way of copying the contents of a cell to neighbouring cells. It is advanced because it is intuitive and this becomes particularly evident when you are copying formulae.

Watch the video tutorial and find out just easy it is. There is a written procedure below as well just in case you need further help.

The procedure for AUTOFILL is as follows:

  1. Select the cell you wish to copy to neighbouring cells by using your mouse and clicking the left mouse button on the cell.
  2. Then click and hold down your left mouse button on the "fill handle" which is located in the bottom right corner of the cell as in the illustration on the right.
  3. You must point exactly at the bottom right corner of the cell. The cursor will change from a white cross to a black cross when you point at the exact place. (see the video tutorial)
  4. While keeping your left mouse button down, drag downwards. You can drag downwards as many cells as you need. As you drag downwards, MS Excel will autofill the cells
  5. You can also drag the Fill Handle to the right (instead of downwards) if you wish to autofill neighbouring cells to the right.

Downloads for Practice

The following downloads provide spreadsheets as seen in the video tutorial




Event Operations Manual
Software for Club Treasurers