Tutorial 10: Using the SUM function

Excel Video Tutorial 10: Using the SUM FunctionFor all spreadsheet creators and users, the SUM function will be the most widely and frequently used function. A 'function' is merely an instruction to the spreadsheet software (i.e. Micosoft Excel) to carry out a task with an range of cells. Use of the SUM function is therefore an instruction to add up all the contents of a continuous range of cells e.g. a column of figures.

Autosum ButtonThe video tutorial shows how to create a SUM function simply by just typing the formula. However there is also a button on the Home Ribbon of Excel that is dedicated to this function. The button is called AUTOSUM. Use of the button causes Excel to guess the range of cells you want to total, and be warned it does not always guess correctly. For this reason, it is best to get used to creating the formula by typing but later on you may find the button easier.

The image below shows the position of the AUTOSUM button.

The position of the Autosum button on the Excel ribbon

If you would like to practise with the spreadsheet shown in the video tutorial, click on the link below:

Download and save the Excel file to your hard disk before working on it.



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