Success in fundraising

Probably there are not many people alive who have not, at some time, been involved with traditional fundraising activities for sport or other types of community organisations. Chocolate drives, raffle, car washes and sausage sizzles are typical fundraising activities.

Fundraising exhaustion

The problem with traditional fundraising is that it can lead to fundraising exhaustion, a phenomenon that occurs when fundraising efforts are too frequent. If fundraising exhaustion sets in, the members of the organisation may refuse to help or participate. If fundraising efforts are contained merely within the organisation, then many members may prefer simply to pay additional fees rather than be troubled by extra fundraising work or having to personally consume more goods in order to raise funds for the organisation.

It should also to be recognized that everyone is being constantly subjected, almost on a daily basis, to fundraising efforts by other community clubs and major charities. Exposure to fundraising takes many forms such as telemarketing calls, mail outs, shopping mall stands and house-to-house callers.

Every organisation, however, should have fundraising activities as it is well within tech realms of possibility to raise 10% of total revenue by this means. To be successful, fundraising needs to be novel and surprising to the membership, and profitable and enjoyable for the management committee to organise. Raffles and chocolate drives do not pass these criteria. Activities such as Bingo are easy to conduct but need a substantial turn out of people (more than 30) on a regular basis before profits are significant.

Formula for success

You need to think more about events which add to the social atmosphere of the club. People like to be entertained and have a chance to meet others in the community. Under these circumstances, there is a much greater likelihood that people would contribute to the organisation's fundraising.

A club's ability to stage social events for fundraising purposes depends to some extent on the facilities that the organisation owns or controls. A comfortable, clean and spacious clubhouse is a major asset for fundraising. Even better if the clubhouse has a bar and kitchen. This enables social events to be staged on-site far more easily.

Fundraising does not have to be social events. The conduct of special sporting events can also be a formula for success in fundraising. Easy-to-organise special events could include:

Furthermore fundraising events could include special trips to other locations, attractions or amusement parks.

ideas for fundraising

There are literally hundreds of ways to successfully and enjoyably raise funds. Just stay away from the old faithful raffle unless you have some really exciting prizes.

All you need are some good ideas and recommends the Almanac of Fundraising Ideas for your future fundraising needs.





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