Problems with Sponsorship Proposals

The following are common problems that may occur in writing a sponsorship proposal.

  1. Negative words and phrases in either the covering letter or the sponsorship proposals itself. For example:
    1. The club is "experiencing difficulties"
    2. The club needs to be "professionalised"
    3. "Good results have eluded us lately"
    4. The club has "insufficient funds"
  2. Words and phrases that sound like charity. For example:
    1. The club would be most grateful if you would come aboard as a sponsor
  3. Sponsorship benefits are not well defined. For example:
    1. Your company will receive media promotion (how, when, what media, who's doing it?)
    2. Your company signs will be displayed at our events (what events, how many, how big are the signs, who will make them?)
  4. The packaging of benefits is confusing. There is a need to state exactly what benefits are contained in each package. Taking short cuts may lead to a misunderstanding or the package does not appear very attractive.
  5. The approach taken to giving a value to the sponsorship benefits is incorrect. The value should not be based on the cost of a benefit but more the market value. A particular benefit may cost very little but has a very great value attached to it or vice versa.
  6. Including too many benefits in a sponsorship package for minor sponsors. The packages for major and minor sponsors need to be very different otherwise there is a risk that the major sponsor will be very annoyed that they have paid a lot of money for benefits that other sponsors are getting for less money.
  7. You need to watch for conflict between sponsors in the way you give out promotional benefits.

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