Criteria for Funding

It is generally the case that governments and other providers of funding will develop relatively strict protocols that must be followed in order to obtain a grant.

These protocols are usually explained in detail in a document that is often termed "Guidelines for Applicants". It is necessary to read and comprehend this document fully before making an application for funding. The major sections of such a document are likely to be:

Criteria for eligibility

Which persons or organisations may or may not apply for a grant

Objectives of the funding scheme

It is exceptionally important to understand the motives of the funding provider. What are they trying to achieve through the provision of grants. An application is unlikely to be successful if it is not in accord with the objectives of the funding provider.

Categories of expenditures that may be funded

In line with the objectives of the funding provider there is likely to be restrictions on how money can be spent. For example, the guidelines may stipulate that Travel is an expenditure that is not eligible for funding. In such a case it would be unwise to apply for a grant to assist with a team's travel expenditure.

How to make an application

This section may provide assistance to applicants on how to prepare their application. Advice will be given on how to complete the application form and what supporting documentation should be attached. This might include a project plan, letters of support, certificate of incorporation, insurance details, the organisation's constitution, etc.

Closing date for application

Except in very unusual circumstances, closing dates must be adhered to.

Process for dealing with applications received

There may also be information about how applications are assessed, when this takes place and when the applicant can expect to hear a result from the funding provider.

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