How to write a sponsorship proposal

Sponsorship proposals are a work of creativity. There is no one method of writing a proposal that is correct. However there are certain contents that must be included. Below, is a suggested format for your sponsorship proposal with detailed explanations. This sponsorship proposal template is also available for download in Microsoft Word format (see bottom of page) to save you hours of work.

sponsorship proposal template: cover page for sponsorship proposal

Cover Page

The cover page needs to be attractive so as to make a good impression with the prospective sponsor. Innovative designs are good!

Try to avoid clipart as it may have a negative effect on the visual appeal of the document. The soccer ball in the bottom right corner is clipart. You might get away with clipart of this nature but it would be unwise to use clipart of a player. Use instead a photo of a player with background expertly cut out using Adobe Photoshop. Alternatively dont put any photos on the front page at all. A good design will suffice.

The cover page shown has boxes on the right side of the page that indicate sponsor benefits. This helps the reader to see at a glance

Notice that cover page of the Sponsorship Poposal Template does not actually say "Sponsorship Proposal" but instead is titled "Sponsorship, Advertising and Promotion Services". This creates the positive effect in the mind of the sponsor that you are providing a professional service and that your organisation is reasonably sophisticated in its sponsorship dealings.

sponsorship proposal template: details of organisation

Organisation Details

Your sponsorship proposal should provide details about your organisation and its programs and services.

Sponsors need to get a picture of your organisation in terms of importance, size, number of years since formed, main goals and objectives, programs of importance, financial strength, ability to produce high performance athletes, etc.

It is important to provide facts and to avoid making untruthful statements. You can put a gloss on your organisation's achievements but do not overload this section with that sort of information. Instead build an image of a well-managed, financially healthy and capable organisation.

Avoid using negative language in your sponsorship proposal. For example, avoid giving the impression that your organisation is struggling financially, hasn't made any headway in years, has insufficient personnel or needs a lucky break!

sponsorship proposal template: sponsor benefits

Benefits for the sponsor

It is important to give as much detail as possible about the benefits to be provided to the sponsor. Consider if you were the sponsor, wouldn't you like to know EXACTLY what you are buying?

You should offer only benefits that you can guarantee. Your organisation must not fail to provide the benefits offered.

It is important to remember that benefits can be "packaged". This means the sponsor does not purchase benefits on an individual basis but together as a package.

You will need to negotiate with the sponsor as what, exactly, is in the package. The sponsor may wish to choose certain benefits but not others.

illustration of page 3 in the proposal to sponsor

It may be necessary to have more than one page in your proposal that explains the sponsor's benefits.

This proposal has two pages that explain the benefits.

illustration of page 4 in sponsorship proposal

Working together

Suggestions as to how your organisation and the sponsor will work together to make the sponsorship work i.e. meetings with the sponsor, reports to the sponsor, allowing the sponsor to be involved in the management of a special event, etc.

It is also extremely important that details of how and when the sponsor is to pay or provide goods is included.

Provide details of dates when the sponsorship will commence, when it be reviewed and and when it will conclude.

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