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operational plan components Consultation as an aspect of Operational Planning Operational plans must contain budgetary information Calendar of Events as an aspect of Operational Planning Training plans as a key aspect of operational planning Facilty Use Schedules is an aspect of Operational Planning Maintenance Scheduling is an aspect of Operational Planning In many cases the implementation of strategies in the operational plan is dependent on the availability of physical resources particularly space and equipment. Space, whether indoor or outdoor, is needed for training and competition. Equipment should never be overlooked as even the smallest piece of equipment can have a major impact if it is not present.

Planners must not only consider the availability of resources but also the condition of resources. It can be particularly damaging to the satisfaction of the sport participant if playing surfaces or equipment are below expectation. Operational planning must include the scheduling of resource maintenance and this, like all other activities in Operational planning, will involve budgeting, setting timelines and allocating responsibility to individuals.

Physical resources fall into the following broad categories:

Examples of Resource Maintenance in Sport Organisations

Typical resource maintenance in a sport organisation includes:

Outdoor Sports

Indoor Sports

Budgeting for Resource Maintenance

Failure to set aside sufficient money for resource maintenance is a major issue in sport organisations and a chief reason why sporting clubs run down and members move away. It is necessary to budget, very strictly, for resource maintenance and if there is insufficient money, it is better to raise fees and charges rather than allow resources to degrade.

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