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Additional Components of an Operational Plan

operational plan components Consultation as an aspect of Operational Planning Operational plans must contain budgetary information Calendar of Events as an aspect of Operational Planning Training plans as a key aspect of operational planning Facilty Use Schedules is an aspect of Operational Planning Maintenance Scheduling is an aspect of Operational Planning When one thinks of an Operational Plan, one thinks of a document in landscape orientation that has a number of columns for strategies, responsibility, timelines, budget and performance measures. (see Operational Plan sample page). This document is the essential component.

However, there are a number of additional components of vital importance that can be inserted into an operational plan as appendices. For a sport organisation, these components include: (follow the links for further information)

The insertion of these additional components into the appendices of the Operational Plan help to create a more useful document that can be given to key personnel within the organisation.

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