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Performance Indicators

The term "Performance Indicator" (or "Key Performance Indicator") may be defined as a standard or target that should be achieved. Performance Indicators are established and used as an integral aspect of the business planning and monitoring processes. There is an old saying that " you can only manage what you can measure" and this regard the use of Performance Indicators enable management to measure the success of business strategies.

Key Performance Indicators therefore are a standard or reference point that allows management to:

Examples of Performance Iindicators

The following are examples of how Performance Indicators may be developed and used in a sporting context:

Objective Example Performance Indicators

Increase the quality of programs

  • The state team will place in the top 10 at the national championships; or
  • Reported injuries will be less than half of the previous seasons figure; or
  • The number of participant complaints will be no more than 5 during the year,

Increase the number of coaches

  • A series of three (3) coaching clinics will be held to provide training for the organisation's coaches; or
  • A minimum of 20 coaches will attend each coaching clinic

Improve facilities to national standard

  • The facility will be accredited as appropriate for national and international championships and tournaments

Increase clubs in affiliated clubs in Northern Queensland

  • Clubs will be established and affiliated at Cairns and Mackay; or
  • The number of affiliated clubs in Northern Queensland will be 5.

Increase in sponsorship revenue

  • A major state sponsor will be found
  • Total sponsorship revenue will reach $50,000

Performance indicators should be clear-cut. It is something that is either achieved or not achieved. By using performance indicators, the management process will be able to compare what was desired with what actually happened.

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