Typical Sport and Recreation Services

Sport and recreation organisations are service organisations, and ensuring that the quality of services meets the expectations of customers must be a high priority of those who manage the organisation. Failure to attain this objective leads to a diminished reputation and competiveness in the market place, and a consequential loss of customers.

The CORE SERVICES provided by any sport and recreation are:


Sport and Recreation experiences are more rewarding when participants receive instruction from "experts". As a result of such instruction and the skills learnt by participants, they will usually reach a higher standard of performance, acquire greater knowledge "of the game" and play more safely.

Facility Maintenance

The provision of facilities so that there is essential equipment and space to enable participation is a vital aspect of sport and recreation. Facilities need to be carefully maintained to comply with rules of sport and/or to enable participants to play safely.

Organisation of Programs and Events

The organisation and scheduling of events and programs is a key service that enables people to actually participate. This service includes liaison with other sport organisations or clubs, coordinating officials where needed, and communication internally to ensure everyone knows what is happening.

Other ANCILLARY SERVICES provided by a sport and recreation organisation include:

Registration and accreditation services

Sport and Recreation organisations need to ensure that coaches and instructors, and often the participants themselves are accredited for the activity. This necessitates keeping a database of accredited persons.

The accreditation service is closely aligned with coaching and instruction services outlined above and ensures that participants have sufficient knowledge to undertake the activity safely.

Fundraising Services

Sport and Recreation organisations frequently have to raise money to make improvements to facilities and programs.

Sport and Recreation organisations therefore need to raise money from a variety of sources including governments, the corporate sector (sponsorship), general fundraising from the public and engaging in profitable programs.

Fundraising is a major preoccupation of most sport and recreation organisations. Sometimes professional fundraisers are employed.

Information Services

Sport and Recreation organisations provide information internally and externally for a variety of reasons including:

Information may be provided by web sites, fax back services, telephone, brochures and publications.

Clothing and Equipment Provision

Sport and Recreation organisations tend to provide cklothing and equipment essential for participation.

Equipment is often very expensive and is well beyond the financial capability of the majority of individuals. Unless organisations are able to acquire this equipment to enable beginners to get started, the sport cannot exist. For example, sailing boats, rowing shells and gymnastic equipment are all very expensive and need to be provided by clubs.

Other types of equipment such as sailboards, golf clubs and canoes are often made available by sport and recreation organisations on hire basis, especially where it is financially worthwhile.

Health Services

Perhaps the most outstanding benefit of involvement in Sport and Recreation is improvement in health and fitness.

This may be very deliberately engineered as in services provided by Health and Fitness centres or just a by-product of participation as in most sports.

Health services also include the provision of First Aid, sports injury insurance and sports medicine.

Social and Cultural Services

People choose to be involved with Sport and Recreation organisations for many reasons.

One of the most important reasons includes making friendships and increasing one's circle of acquaintances.

Such friendships can be fostered through social events organised by Sport and Recreation organisations.

Child Care Services

A recent addition to the array of services offered by Sport and Recreation organisations, child care services are now considered essential to allow women to participate.

This service is problematic for many organisations as it requires additional facilities, trained staff and additional cost

Personal Development Services

There are approximately one million people who provide voluntary service to Sport and Recreation organisations.

When individuals volunteer they often acquire new skills and knowledge such as:

These skills are transferable to other walks of life and can result in increased employment prospects.

Furthermore involvement in Sport and Recreation can be process of self-fulfillment and maturation of the individual physically, emotionally and psychologically.


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