The Business of Sport

Attributes of the Sport Industry

The sport business has a number of attributes that make it an interesting and challenging business to manage. These attributes include:

These extraordinary attributes make the Sport Business a difficult business to manage. The best outcome is often achieved when people receive training that is specific to the sport industry. However unlike other industries, training in the sport industry is relatively new. Although, for decades, some training has existed in coaching and officiating for most sports, it is only in the last 20-30 years that training for sports management professionals has become available. But still today the overwhelming proportion of sport clubs and organisations are managed by boards, committees and staff who have little or no recognised industry qualifications.

Major issues in the Sport Industry

One of the main reasons why managers and administrators of sport organisations need specific training, is to deal with major issues that are peculiar to the industry.

These issues include:

This is not to say that all of these issues are present in all organisations in the industry but sport administrators must be have the knowledge and the skill to deal with these issues.

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