Sport Administrator Salaries

For a small number of sport administrators in high profile sports, salary packages are extraordinarily high. Here's a few media reports about salaries:

Are such salaries justifiable? What is the case for and against salaries of this magnitude?

Much depends on your standpoint. If you are a board member of one these illustrious sport organisations, it is probably no big deal for someone to be paid more than a million dollars a year. Board members may be high flyers in the business world and probably rub shoulders with people who earn similar or greater salaries on a daily basis. For Board members of this stature, you will likely see the justification as the need to:

However if your standpoint is that you are CEO of a lesser profile sport, you probably see things differently. By the way, the website Sportspeople reported an average of $106,580 for Chief Executive Officer/General Manager/Executive Directors of sport organisations in Australia. (2011 Sports People Salary Survey)

A CEO of a national sport organisation who earns around the average reported by Sportspeople, probably thinks:

What do you think? Send your comments to Leo Isaac or further information.

The best comments in favour or not in favour of paying salaries $1-2 million will be published on this page.



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